Expert SleepersPandora Analog Bandpass Filter + Distortion


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Expert Sleepers Pandora

With Pandora, Expert Sleepers continues their foray into analog modules with a MOSFET and vactrol-laden bandpass and distortion module. Two discrete controls—Alpha and Beta—gives you direct access to the two sides of the bandpass filter, which are both voltage controllable. In fact, every knob you see can be patched up including the Gain and filter Feedback, which opens up the possibility for some gnarly syncopated grit or gentle swelling noise. On top of that, a range switch lets you adjust the window of the filter and when the Low mode is engaged, it's capable of generating percussive sounds with triggers. Add sculpted grit to your Eurorack with the Pandora bandpass/distortion module from Expert Sleepers.

Pandora Features

  • All-analog bandpass filter and distortion
  • Unique combination of vactrols and MOSFETs
  • CV Controllable low and high frequencies of the filter window
  • CV controllable gain, filter feedback, and mix
  • Range response for adjusting the octaves of the filter
  • Capable of generating percussive sounds when in the Low range
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: 69mA @ +12V, 58mA @ -12V
Expert Sleepers Pandora Analog Bandpass Filter + Distortion Reviews