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Empress ZOIA Modular Multi-Effect Pedal

ZOIA is an all-new pedal concept from Empress Effects—a modular synthesis and effect processing platform all built into a single, super-powerful stompbox. ZOIA is great for guitarists, synthesists, producers, and noisemakers who want a dedicated hardware platform for designing their own effects, instruments, and controllers.

ZOIA's RGB pushbutton grid and OLED screen aid the user in creating chains of Interface Modules, Analysis Modules, Audio Modules, CV Modules, and Effects that act together to create living, organic synthesizer and effect processing structures. With over 80 modules currently available, ZOIA can already be everything from a simple Fuzz or Delay to a complex chain of effects, to a modular synthesizer or MIDI controller—it's all up to you to decide! Up to 64 patches can be stored on an SD card and easily switched between, making impossible effect combinations immediately accessible—as if, at the press of a button, your entire pedalboard could rearrange itself, or turn into a sequenced synthesizer, or basically anything you can dream up!

Allowing everything from classic guitar effects (tremolos, phasers, reverbs, etc.) to audio switching, intentional aliasing, signal multiplication, and much more, ZOIA is an endless playground of sonic delight...one that rewards extended excursions into the digital unknown. Use it in conjunction with other stompboxes, in a desktop setup with a keyboard synth, as a processor for a modular synth, or as an instrument all its own. ZOIA knows no limits.

ZOIA Features

  • Modular synthesis & effect platform built into a single pedal
  • Create your own effects, processing chains, synthesizers, and more using the over 80 available internal modules
  • Includes more than 20 specifically effect-oriented modules
  • Stores up to 64 patches in internal memory
  • SD card included for easy swapping and sharing patches
  • OLED display
  • 40-button grid with RGB LED backlighting
  • Built-in encoder and footswitches for easy editing and control
  • Stereo in and out
  • MIDI in and out via 3.5mm TRS
  • Control port for integrating additional external control
  • Built-in help functions for easy learning
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 5.7 x 3.75"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative pedal PSU (not included)
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Product Demo Videos
Empress Effects Zoia Modular Synthesizer & Effects Pedal SYNTHPLEX 2019
Empress Effects Zoia is a fully programmable modular synthesis and effects environment inside of a pedal. The glowing buttons on the front of the pedal let you see what sections are modulating what other sections and change routing and modules. It can send and receive midi control and be played with a keyboard, or use internal sequencers and modulation. External audio can be routed through it and modified, or you can generate complete sounds from within it. There are more than 80 types of modules that can be used in it and you can save up to 64 preset patches.
Empress Effects Zoia Modular Synthesizer And Effects Device In A Pedal
In this video we used the Zoia first as an effects unit for the Elektron Digitakt, then as a standalone synth voice, and then showed some of the crazy modulated synthesizer sounds it can produce that would be hard to get out of a fixed architecture synthesizer.

The Zoia is a powerful set of sound generators, effects and modulators that can be freely routed into each other with many different control options available. It even has midi in and out for controlling it from a midi sequencer or keyboard. For sound it has stereo inputs and outputs.
Empress Effects ZOIA Workshop LIVE 10/2/2019 7-9PM
Empress Effects will be showing how to use their powerful ZOIA pedal which has a modular effect and synthesis engine.
Empress Zoia & Euroburo Module : Modular Problem Solving and More : with The Patch Pals
The Patch Pals Jacob & Wes Take on the @Empress Effects Zoia & Euroburo !
The Zoia is a unique Modular effects and synth platform that allows you to build anything your heart desires! Jacob dives into the complexities of routing and MIDI while Wes shows off some of the more basic and utilitarian functions.

Sit back and grab a snack while the Patch Pals discuss what makes this module magnificent.
Fashion Club Live from the Perfect Circuit Showroom (Pascal Stevenson of Moaning & Girlpool)
Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Multi-Effect Pedal Reviews