DoepferA-152 Addressed T&H / Switch


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Doepfer A-152

Doepfer’s A-152 has a variety of potential uses. The module is comprised of three sections: a bidirectional multiplexer, 8 track and holds, and eight digital outputs. The module is capable of behaving as a sequential switch, audio router, shift register, S&H, and more. A brief breakdown of each section’s functionality is as follows: each digital output only emits voltage when its output stage is addressed, meaning the module can be used as a gate sequencer. The T&H submodule section functions like a combination of a shift register and signal router. Finally, the multiplexer acts as an 8:1 switch, or as a 1:8 signal router.

A-152 Features

  • Tremendously flexible, open-ended design
  • Eight-to-one bidirectional switch
  • Eight addressable track and hold circuits with common input
  • Eight digital outputs for clock sequencing
  • Voltage control and clock inputs for currently selected address/stage
  • Reset input for deeper clock control
  • Eurorack Module
  • Panel width: 16HP
  • Module depth: 45 mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V / 20mA @ -12V
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Doepfer A-152 Addressed T&H / Switch Reviews