DivKidøchd Organic Drift LFO


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DivKid øchd

The DivKid øchd is an eight-channel modulation source perfect for evolving and organic modulation. Pronounced "oct", the øchd is an "organic drift" module with eight triangle LFO outputs. It features a control for frequency as well as CV input with attenuverter. The fastest LFOs go up to audio rate and down to glacially slow cycles. The eight outputs are not synced or phased shifted from each other but rather musically tuned intervals that were derived by manually changing the capacitors on the module itself to come up with the current configuration. By patching any of the outputs back into the CV input you can create more complex waveforms besides the standard triangle LFO shape. It can also be configured as a track and hold by patching a gate signal into the CV input and turning the attenuverter all the way counterclockwise. When the gate signal goes high, the outputs hold at their current levels until the gate goes low. Described by Richard Devine as "the most organic little modulator ever!" øchd is a modulation power-house that can be used to organically add motion and animation to your patches and doesn't take up much real estate.

øchd Features

  • Eight-channel "organic drift" LFO
  • LFOs run at musically tuned intervals of the master frequency
  • Made in collaboration with Instruo
  • CV attenuverter with center-detent
  • Frequency goes up to audio rate
  • Waveshape the LFOs by feedback patching
  • Track and hold mode
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12v, 80mA @ -12v
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