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Instruo DivKid øchd Expander

Instruo and DivKid are making their best-selling øchd module even better, with the øchd expander adding a variety of interrelated signals to make your patches way more interesting. Connecting to the back of an øchd module, the expander adds four sections each with four outputs derived from various groupings of the main LFOs.

At the top, you'll find full wave rectifiers that invert the negative portions of the four right-side LFOs into the positive domain—effectively both doubling their frequency and converting them into unipolar signals. Next is a set of analog logic outputs, which output the minimum and maximum voltages between LFOs 2+3 and 6+7. Not to be confused with boolean or CMOS logic that would only generate on/off gate signals, this Serge Peak & Trough-style of logic is great for creating complex modulation signals. The Cascading Triggers section produces triggers at the start of each left-side LFO's cycle, with triggers normalling across unpatched inputs. Finally, the bottom section contains four R2R ladder DACs, each producing stepped voltages based on combining the top, bottom, left, and right LFO groups.

øchd has been a go-to choice for slipping a compact multi-modulation source into your rack, but with the øchd expander you just might have to find a bit more room for even more patching possibilities.

DivKid øchd Expander Features

  • Expander for DivKid and Instruo's øchd module
  • Adds 16 more CV outputs derived from øchd LFOs
  • Four sections of different CV processing
  • Full wave rectifiers
  • Analog logic (min/max voltages)
  • Cascading triggers
  • R2R DACs for stepped voltages
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 5mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V
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Instruo DivKid øchd Expander Reviews