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Ciat-LonbardePlumbutter 2 Analog Drum + Drama Machine


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Each Ciat-Lonbarde instrument features a unique wood grain, no two are identical!

Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter 2

The Plumbutter 2 is an updated version of the much ballyhooed Ciat-Lonbarde wooden drum and drama machine. The core of the Plumbutter 2 are five audio sections that are: the Deerhorn radio instrument which acts kind of like a theremin with patch points to connect to the system; Gongue, that creates unique rhythmic responses based on a pulse; Ultrasound, that takes any signal and attempts a Nyquist resampling; AVDog, which takes a pulse and creates brain-wave-inspired enveloped synth tone; and finally a snare drum. To drive the entire device, two Rolz 5 inspired pulse generators are available to patch using the two strict outputs and five androgynous outputs that can be combined in unique ways to generate patterns.

Updates to the previous version include: a slimmer case, the sigils are engraved in the classic wooden enclosure, the sound has been cleaned up, and new mods have been introduced. The Stereo Mixer section now has CV inputs for modulation and panning effects, the AVDogs are stereo, and the Snare is much louder. If you've never had the privilege of enjoying a Plumbutter by Ciat-Lonbarde, you are in for an incredible musical experience: please have bananas (the cables) at the ready.

Please note: Plumbutter's brown jacks have the ability to generate intense negative voltage spikes. These are safely patched within the Ciat-Lonbarde ecosystem, but caution and attentiveness are required when patching externally to avoid damaging other modules, synthesizers, and instruments. Use attenuators and rectifier circuits where necessary.

Plumbutter 2 Features

  • Updated revision with cleaner audio, CV-controllable stereo mixer, slim case, and other tasteful tweaks
  • 5 Sections of audio generation: Deerhorn, Gongue, AVDog, Ultrasound, and Snare
  • 2x Rolz 5 pulse generation section
  • Aux Inputs for external processing using the Deerhorn, AVDog, and Gongue sections
  • Requires many banana cables
  • Excercise caution in patching brown jacks among other non-Ciat-Lonbarde synthesizers and Eurorack modules to avoid damaging them
  • Power: 12v PSU, included
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