BuchlaEasel Command USB-A MIDI Host Expander


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Buchla Easel Command USB-A MIDI Host Expander

This card adds an optional USB-A MIDI Host port to the Buchla Easel Command desktop synthesizer, allowing you to directly connect USB MIDI controllers. If you're using a class-compliant USB MIDI controller such as the Arturia Keystep, Keystep 37, or Sensel Morph with Buchla Thunder overlay, this expansion will offer the ability to directly connect to the Easel Command—no computer or external host devices required!

Installation is easy and can be done by the end user without the use of any specialized tools. If you're looking to add a new layer of flexibility to your Buchla Easel Command, this expansion module is here to take you to the next level.

Easel Command USB-A MIDI Host Expander Features

  • EX-7 USB-A MIDI Host port expander for Buchla Easel Command
  • Adds USB MIDI hosting capability, allowing you to use USB class-compliant MIDI controllers directly with your Easel Command
  • Easy to install—see this video for installation instructions
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  • USB MIDI Host expansion for Buchla Easel Command desktop synthesizer
Product Demo Videos
Buchla Easel Command USB-A Host Module Installation
How to install the USB-A Host Module into a Buchla Easel Command.
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