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BASTL InstrumentsTimber Distortion + Wavefolder


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BASTL Instruments Timber

Bastl's Timber is a gnarly distortion & wavefolding module, a Dual Waveform Lumberjack sure to chop and destroy all sounds that dare enter its path. Featuring two independent shaping sections, the Timber is great for everything from overdrive to intensely animated wavefolding feedback chops and sputters.

The Wave Driver section is an overdrive and simple wavefolder, featuring "hard" and "soft" drive and "HI," "LO," and no wavefolding. The Wave Folder section is a waveshaper not unlike the Serge Wave Multipliers' second section, providing both clean 4-stage wavefolding (OK setting) and extremely nonlinear folding (KO setting), as well as simpler overdrive folding (NO setting).

The Shape control offers pre-shaping amplification, pushing signals up to the thresholds needed to take full advantage of the subsequent folding and distortion stages. The Symmetry control biases the incoming signal, allowing for customizable and modulatable asymmetrical shaping. The X-Fade is a multifunction control, with switchable selection of direct input signal or Wave Driver signal on the left, and a normalized connection from the Wave Folder channel on the right. However, the normalization to the right side of the crossfader can be defeated by patching into the X-Fade In, allowing use as a simple crossfader, a VCA, or a means of introducing extra feedback. Also of note is the Timber's FBK CV input, a control that introduces feedback from the Wavefolder when positive voltage is applied.

Bastl's Timbre is a powerful tone-shaper offering a multiplicity of uses, from simple crossfading and VCA duties all the way to snarly folding and distorted bursts of harsh, choppy feedback.

Timber Features

  • Distortion and wavefolding module for everything from simple overdrive to extreme waveshaping
  • Wave driver section for overdrive and folding
  • Wave Folder section for extreme Serge-like wave multiplier action
  • Wave Driver features switchable hard/soft distortion, and selection of Hi, Lo, and No wavefolding
  • Wave Folder offers switch for OK, KO, and NO folding for multiple folding flavors
  • Individual outputs and crossfade out for each section
  • Dedicated controls for Shape, Symmetry, and X-Fade
  • CV input for X-fade, Symmetry, Shape, and Feedback
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 7hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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