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ALM Busy CircuitsBuggy System Modular Synthesizer


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The Buggy System is a limited run of 10 systems, so don't wait to order yours!

ALM Busy Circuits Buggy System

Celebrating 10 years of Busy Circuits, ALM's limited-edition Buggy System is a compact modular synthesizer built around Pamela's Pro Workout, Squid Salmple, and a handful of their other wonderful modules. Rounded out by Mum M8, the Feedback Modules-collaborative BXx2, and mmMidi with its expander mmT, the Buggy System is the ideal modular complement to a DAW-centric setup or a fully patchable and tweakable addition to an existing hardware rig. Of course, even using it by itself, you'll have a ton of fun using the Buggy System.

ALM's mmMIDI is one of the most compact MIDI-CV solutions around, featuring two channels of pitch, velocity, and gate CV outputs. There's also an instantly Pam's-compatible x24 Clock output, making it the perfect choice for an ALM system. Also in the Buggy System is ALM's mmT, the dedicated trigger output expander for mmMIDI that's perfect for drum machine-style triggering.

A module which hardly needs an introduction at this point, Pamela's Pro Workout is the latest iteration of everyone's favorite Eurorack aerobics module. In non-metaphoric terms, Pam's can generate clock pulses, tempo-synced LFOs, euclidean rhythms, smooth or stepped random voltages, and even pitch-quantized sequences if you're clever. Eight channels are freely assignable to any of the previously listed functions and a whole lot more. There's a reason it ranks among the greatest of Eurorack modules—you can simply do so much with Pam's.

Squid Salmple is ALM's ode to classic samplers with a modern modular twist. The Squid is an eight-channel sampler capable of both reading stored audio files as well as recording new samples from its Sample Input. Both audio and control signals may be sampled into it, giving you new ways to think about manipulating sounds and modulation sources in your system.

Rounding out the Buggy System is Mum M8, a characterful lowpass filter based on the design found in AKAI's S950 sampler. Everything comes together in the BXx2, a BOSS BX-series mixer-inspired module co-designed with the folks at Feedback Modules, giving you the ability to drive and EQ a couple of Squid channels separately from the rest.

As all pre-built modular systems should, the Buggy System comes with a power brick and a bundle of patch cables to get you started. Even beyond commemorating their tenth anniversary, the Buggy System is a very solid and dependable mini modular synthesizer versatile well beyond what its size might suggest.

Buggy System Features

  • Commemorative modular system for ALM's 10th Anniversary
  • Fully-loaded and functional Eurorack modular synthesizer
  • Black knobs and grey function keys unique to the Buggy System
  • mmMIDI and mmT for MIDI-CV conversion
  • Pamela's Pro Workout for clock signals, LFOs, and so much more
  • Squid Salmple for triggering and sampling sounds and CV
  • Mum M8 analog lowpass filter
  • BXx2 for mixing and saturating
  • Housed in ALM's compact 3U x 52hp powered Eurorack case
  • Includes a bundle of patch cables
  • Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 2.6 in / 277x132x66 mm
  • Max Depth: 42mm
ALM Busy Circuits Buggy System Modular Synthesizer Reviews