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After Later AudioBog Random Voltage Source


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After Later Audio Bog

Bog from After Later Audio is the newest incarnation of Grant Richter's famous Wogglebug design. It's a powerful source of unpredictability and unique signal generation with both audio and CV outputs. Taking inspiration from the Erica Synths Swamp DIY module, it builds on that architecture and adds some new features.

Control the overall clock rate of the module manually or with external CV signals. The master clock provides the clock to a sample and hold circuit whose output is available at the step CV output. While by default, the module samples an internal noise source, an input for external signals overrides this. Make the randomness more predictable with the cluster control, which causes more discernable patterns to emerge from the chaos. The stepped CV signal runs into a slew generator with controls for slew time and CV range. Time sets the time it takes for the smoothed CV to move from one step to the next. The switch selects between a +/-5V or +/-10V range.

The Bog output is the famous woggle that the original Wogglebug got its name from. This strange sinusoidal slewing follows the smooth CV. When it catches up, it sort of bounces around the CV level until the module reaches a new random value. Both the smooth CV and bog CV have corresponding audio-rate oscillators whose frequency they modulate. These two oscillators include switches to select between pulse and sawtooth waveforms. The two audio signals are XORed against each other to create the distinctive ring mod output. Or, if you'd like, bring external audio into the ring mod path with the audio input. The Bog is a fantastic source of all things random, providing a wealth of outputs that are sure to liven up any patch.

Bog Features

  • Random voltage and audio source
  • Three random CV outputs
  • Stepped random voltages from the sample and hold
  • Smooth CV offers a slewed version of the stepped CV with adjustable slew time and range
  • Bog provides a unique sinusoidal slewing that follows the smooth CV
  • Internal clock with CV or clock from an external source
  • Smooth range switch selects between +/-5V and +/-10V
  • Cluster causes the outputs to cluster around certain values
  • Two audio rate oscillators that are modulated by the smooth and bog CVs
  • Pulse or sawtooth waveform for audio oscillators
  • XOR-based ring mod from the two oscillators
  • External sample and hold input
  • External audio input that feeds the ring mod
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 60mA @ +12V, 39mA @ -12V
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