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The ADDAC222 CV to Notes is a CV to MIDI converter perfect for playing MIDI instruments with a modular synthesizer. Nine MIDI channels are available via the two switches present in each channel. Notes can be transposed up one or two octaves via a switch and the CV input can be transposed by semitones with knob control. Velocity knobs and velocity CV inputs set the velocity of the MIDI note.

MIDI note messages are actually comprised of several pieces of information: a "note on," which includes the pitch information, velocity, and MIDI channel, and a separate "note off" message which cancels the previous message’s state. ADDAC222 provides three operation modes: continuous, triggered, and gated. In continuous mode, a new note is generated every time a change in CV is detected at the 1 v/oct inputs. The note off push buttons and trigger inputs cancel the oldest active note. In triggered mode, a new note is generated every time a trigger is detected at the “all note off/notes on” inputs. The note off trigger inputs and buttons cancel the oldest active note. In gated mode, a new note is generated every time a gate is detected at the “all notes off/note on” and sustains as long as the gate signal is high and cancels when the gate signal goes low. The note off buttons and gate inputs will sustain notes, overriding the “all notes off/note on” gate inputs.

Voice control selects between one, three, and six-voice modes. In one-voice mode, the output pitch updates every time it receives a new value. In the three and six-voice modes the module acts in a polyphonic “wrap-around” mode. In these modes, the module waits until it receives new pitch information to update the three or six voices. In three voice mode, the first voice will get the first new CV note, and the second will get the next new CV note when the CV value changes again. The third voice will get updated on the third CV value change, and on the fourth CV value change the first voice will change. The six voice mode operates in a similar fashion.

Bring together the MIDI world and the modular world with this fully fledged CV to MIDI converter.

ADDAC222 Features

  • Four-channel CV to MIDI note converter
  • 1 V/oct and velocity CV inputs
  • Octave transpose switch
  • One, three, or six voice modes
  • Three modes for continuous, triggered, or gated operation
  • Buttons to sustain or cancel notes
  • 3.5mm to MIDI DIN-5 I/O
  • Includes two stereo jack to DIN5 MIDI cables
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 70mA +12v, 30mA @ -12v
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ADDAC System ADDAC222 CV to Notes Reviews