Zlob ModularTH SVF State Variable Filter


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Zlob Modular TH SVF

Zlob Modular's TH SVF is an unholy incarnation of Thomas Henry's VCF-1, providing a wide range of behaviors from typical filtering to much more extreme and effects. With resonance that extends well into self-oscillation, TH SVF can be a filter, oscillator, LFO, chaotic waveshaper, and more.

TH SVF offers all the controls one would expect from a full-featured filter: variable cutoff and resonance, 1V/Oct CV input, an exponential CV input with dedicated attenuator, and simultaneous outputs for each of its available filter types (lowpass, highpass, and bandpass respectively). It offers one AC-coupled and one DC-coupled input, extending it into utilitarian, peculiar CV processing territory.

TH SVF self oscillates with ease. A jumper on the PCB allows the user to switch between low and high resonance settings—in the low setting, maximum resonance produces a sine-like waveform; set to high resonance, self oscillation yields a more trapezoidal shape. Combined with external input, high resonance settings can produce peculiar chaotic behaviors, great for adding edge and unpredictability to incoming audio. The cutoff also extends into low frequency range, making it possible to use TH SVF in an LFO or slew-like role.

TH SVF Features

  • 2-pole, 12dB/Oct state-variable filter
  • Two audio inputs
  • Audio in 1 is AC coupled, while In 2 is DC coupled
  • 1V/Oct CV input
  • Exponential CV input with attenuator
  • Separate, simultaneous outputs for Lowpass, Bandpass, and Highpass filter types
  • Resonance into self-oscillation
  • Two resonance ranges selectable by PCB jumper
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 46mm
  • Current draw: 23mA @ +12V, 13mA @ -12V
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