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WMD's SCLPL is a stereo EQ for Eurorack modular synthesizers, providing utility tone maintenance and creative filtering options in a mere 4hp of space. With built-in memory, five EQ bands, and clever means of control, SCLPL is exactly what you need to get your tone in shape.

SCLPL features five filter bands per EQ channel: a low shelf, three mid-range peaking bands, and a high shelf. The two channels can be used in stereo, dual mono, or mono operation—making it useful in a variety of mixing/filtering scenarios. There are bypass and band soloing features, great for comparing your input signal to your EQ'd output. The module features three manual controls—Freq, Q, and Level—which are shared between all bands. You simply select the band you want to edit and tweak away to find that perfect sound.

SCLPL's most interesting feature is perhaps its internal preset memory, which allows you to save up to nine EQ presets. This is great for setting up common EQ scenarios, but also turns SCLPL into a stereo morphing filter. Allowing independent preset morphing of channels A and B, SCLPL makes it possible to interpolate between different EQ settings, great for making everything from growling bass voices to quasi-filterbank style tones.

Perfect for adding flexible EQing to your Performance Mixer or adding creative filtering to your stereo voices or mixes, SCLPL packs powerful tone shaping into a tiny footprint.

SCLPL Features

  • 5-band stereo EQ / morphing filter module
  • Great for utility audio maintenance and creative effects
  • Integrated preset memory with 9 memory locations
  • Can continuously morph between saved states manually or via CV control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 93mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
WMD SCLPL Stereo EQ Reviews