Verbos ElectronicsReal World Interface 3-Channel External Signal Processor


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Verbos Electronics Real World Interface

The Verbos Electronics Real World Interface is a three-channel preamp and audio feature extraction module: turning incoming audio into envelope followers, gates, pitch CV, and much more. Designed to allow your external audio sources to take control of your Eurorack system, this module is a sure way to bring patches to life with interactive fervor.

Like most Verbos modules, the Real World Interface is inspired by specific classic Buchla designs—namely, the 230 Triple Envelope Follower and the 232 Frequency Detector. The first and third channels on the Real World Interface are quite simlar to the 230: they contain an audio input, a gain/sensitivity control, and continuously variable decay time for each of their envelope followers. You get an envelope follower output, a gate output, and an amplified audio output—great for bringing your external sound sources into your system. In fact, both of these channels also feature a dedicated internal condenser microphone for easy creation of control voltages and gates.

The center channel maintains most of these features, and adds several more: an AGC (automatic gain control) compressed audio output; a "fundamental" output, which uses a tracking filter to produce only the fundamental frequency of the input audio; a "locked oscillator" output, which produces a sine wave at the frequency of the input; and finally, a Pitch CV output for using external signals to control the pitch of sound sources within your modular system. Combined with that channel's dedicated envelope follower and gate outputs, these are the makings for a powerful source of control.

If you're tired of sequencers, LFOs, and envelopes doing all the heavy lifting in your patches, the Verbos Real World Interface offers a welcome solution: a way to relate your synthesizer's behavior to the sound of the world around it, or to any instrument or sound source you choose.

Real World Interface Features

  • Three-channel preamp + audio feature extraction module
  • Inspired by the iconic Buchla 230 Triple Envelope Follower and 232 Frequency Detector
  • Contains several useful utilities for extracting control voltage signals from incoming audio
  • Channels 1 and 3 feature built-in microphones, and have direct audio outputs, envelope follower outputs, and gate outputs
  • Channel 2 includes pitch-tracking oscillator output, pitch CV output, and more
  • Great for using external audio signals to drive your modular system
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Real World Interface by Verbos Electronics - Overview & Demo
Today I'll be showing you the new Real World Interface by Verbos Electronics.
This is sort of the first contact with the module, trying all the things I thought i could do and listening to different stuff processed throught it.
It's a very interesting and deep module, and there's so many ways to use it that I'll do a second video with a few more patch ideas soon.

Have fun!
Verbos Electronics Real World Interface 3-Channel External Signal Processor Reviews