Trogotronicc36 Revolution Analog Audio Controller


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Trogotronic c36 Revolution

From sharp tremolos to chaotic switching, c36 Revolution from Trogotronic provides a revolutionary take on controlling the activity state of four audio channels. Each channel features a button and mode-switch pairing where the button's state is determined by the mode-switch, activating or deactivating the channel's pass-through. The gate button is a master control of all channels that similarly can be adjusted with its independent mode-switch. In this perspective, c36 can be used as a track on/off state, polyphonic signal passthrough, manual stutter effect control, and many other possibilities.

The main control, in a cherry-lollipop red finish, is the hand wheel, offering two phase positions that are individually set up per channel. The speed at which the hand wheel rotates is all determined by the user, ranging from super slow rotations to wild and unbearable speeds—gotta go fast! The hand wheel is perfect for creating audio rate modulation that naturally decays into slow and deep LFOs. Speaking of LFOs, c36 provides CV outputs for both positive and negative phase positions on the hand wheel, making it useful as a controller with for` modular system.

Combining all the gestures of button presses and hand wheel rotations with determinable activity and phase settings provides you with the sonic possibility to make anything from weary drones to a roaring tumult. And if that wasn't enough control, you can set up remote gating from the m/2 for footswitch-style gating. c36 Revolution by Trogotronic offers a wealth of cutting, spinning, and noisy sound shaping capabilities, all at the user's control.

c36 Revolution Features

  • Four channel analog controller
  • Button and Mode Switch pair per channel and the Primary Gate
  • Mode Switch determines whether the Button passes the audio through or not (active or deactive)
  • Primary Gate commands all four channels
  • 1/4" input and output per channel
  • Phase switch, per channel, determining activity state based on one of the two possible positions of the Hand Wheel
  • Hand Wheel rotates at manual speeds of super slow to unbearably fast
  • 2 CV outputs relay the two phases of the Hand Wheel
  • Dimensions: Audio I/O: 4 channels of 1/4" jacks
  • Power Specs: Remote gate control input for m/2 foot controller
  • 2 CV outputs
  • Cast aluminum chassis
  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 4" x 2.5"
  • PSU included
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c36 Revolution Analog Audio Controller
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