Tiptop AudioVORTEX 6 Six-Voice ART Wavetable Generator

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Tiptop Audio VORTEX 6

Calling to mind the sounds of the legendary PPG Wave 2.2, Tiptop Audio's VORTEX 6 is a six-voice polyphonic wavetable oscillator packing the power of their new ART protocol and Polytip patching. Filled with iconic wavetables and supporting the ability for custom user waves, VORTEX 6 is well-equipped to create the magnificent evolving timbres that wavetable synthesizers are known for.

Rather than sporting six 1V/oct inputs. VORTEX 6 makes use of Tiptop Audio's ART protocol, a new way to easily and reliably facilitate polyphonic patches in Eurorack modular synthesizers. Using a MIDI-ART converter such as OCTOPUS, VORTEX 6 interprets high-speed streams of control data received in its ART input and distributes notes to its six voices. From there, you have plenty of options for patching VORTEX 6 voices: take the paraphonic Mix output for quick patching, use the individual 3.5mm audio and gate outputs to process voices separately with discrete modules, or grab some of Tiptop's Polytip patch cables and polyphonic modules such as Octopass, Octostages, and Hexagain to create highly streamlined polyphonic signal chains.

Regardless of how you patch Vortex 6's outputs, you're given a number of traditional CV modulation inputs—ensuring that this module still feels at home in any Eurorack system. VORTEX 6 features note vibrato amount and speed controls, plus pitch glide and attack, sustain, and release parameters for the wavetable envelopes. It's also possible to scan through the position of the currently loaded wavetable, while others may be recalled from the SD card.

Bring the sound of the most iconic wavetbale synthesizer to your modular synthesizer with Tiptop's VORTEX 6.

VORTEX 6 Features

  • 6-voice polyphonic wavetable oscillator
  • Inspired by the PPG Wave 2.2
  • Utilizes ART data for pitch control, incompatible with 1V/Oct
  • Single ART input with internal voice allocator
  • Internal wavetables, user wavtables supported on SD card
  • Outputs available on individual 3.5mm jacks or consolidated Polytip connections
  • Mix output
  • Internal vibrato, pitch glide, and wave envelopes
  • Gate outputs for modulation synchronized per voice
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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