ThreeTom ModularWiretap Eurorack to Oscilloscope Adapter


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ThreeTom Modular Wiretap

Grab a large format, BNC-equipped oscilloscope and see your signal in all its glory with the Three Tom Modular Wiretap BNC to 3.5mm adapter. Designed to withstand the hanging cable pressure of a standard patch cable, the Wiretap can be mounted directly onto the BNC jack. Take your voltage out of your rack and visualize it on a full scale oscilloscope with Three Tom's Wiretap.

Wiretap Features

  • Sturdy BNC to 2x 3.5mm TS adapter
  • Designed to withstand nominal wire-hang-pressure
  • Mounts directly onto BNC jacks
  • 1x BNC connector
  • 2x TS 3.5mm jacks
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ThreeTom Modular Wiretap Eurorack to Oscilloscope Adapter Reviews