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Tenderfoot ElectronicsQQ2 Quad Quantizer 2


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Tenderfoot Electronics Quad Quantizer

The new and improved Tenderfoot QQ2 Quad Quantizer 2 is a versatile four-channel quantizer that has both built-in and custom scales, plus ultra-fast performance and assignable modulation inputs for dynamic transposition and more. It's perfect for constraining sequences, random voltages, and other modulation sources to musical scales, featuring over 40 built-in scales. The new version features an OLED screen for even easier management of quantization settings across four channels.

The notes that the Quad Quantizer will snap to are indicated by the LED buttons, arranged in a piano key-style layout. The scales and transposition of the quantization can be selected via the dials or with control voltage. When using CV, the corresponding knobs act as attenuators and control the depth of modulation. Custom scales can be entered by simply tapping on your desired notes, which adds or deletes them from the current scale.

Each channel has a CV and trigger input and CV and trigger output. The signal present at the CV input will be quantized to the selected scale and output at the CV output as a quantized voltage. The trigger inputs allow you to basically sample and hold the quantized signal. It will only change notes when it receives a trigger signal at the input and then hold that CV value until it gets another trigger signal. Left unpatched, the CV change will be continuous. The trigger output on the other hand will output a trigger signal every time a new CV value is produced at the CV output.

New for version two, QQ2's two modulation inputs may be assigned to various internal parameters for the manipulation of pitches. Shift voltages before they hit the quantizer for diatonic transposition, shift them afterward for key changes, bump up or down octaves, or simply change scales. All programming is easily done via the OLED screen and encoder.

Simply put, the QQ2 Quad Quantizer 2 is a useful tool for making up to four interrelated quantized melodies and provides a simple and intuitive interface.

Quad Quantizer Features

  • Four-channel quantizer
  • Over 40 preprogrammed scales and note transpositions
  • Trigger input turns the module into a quantized sample and hold
  • Trigger output goes high whenever the notes change
  • Two assignable CV inputs for pre or post-quantizer transposition, octave shift, and scale selection
  • Voltage range of -3V to 7V
  • Capable of firmware updates over WiFi connection
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 143mA @ +12V (up to 210mA during WiFi firmware update), 125mA @ -12V
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Tenderfoot Electronics QQ2 Quad Quantizer 2 Reviews