Teenage EngineeringOP-1 Accessory Kit


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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Accessory Kit

The OP-1 Accessory Kit brings additional functionality to the OP-1, perfect for expanding this already powerful synthesizer. It includes FM antenna, crank, bender, and brick shafts. Extend the range of the OP-1's radio with the FM antenna, useful when in remote areas or inside buildings. Add a new dimension to your recordings with the crank, which makes the recording act as a tape head, recording as you turn the crank. It's even possible to record backwards by spinning the crank counterclockwise. The bender comes with an elastic band that attaches to any of the knobs and adds a springy effect that can be assigned to parameters for a unique source of modulation. Brick shafts come in four colors and let you add Lego parts to your OP-1. Add a big wheel to a knob or a mechanical motor to drive an LFO, your options are practically endless. This accessory kit unlocks a new set of features for the OP-1 with the kind of charm you expect from Teenage Engineering.

OP-1 Accessory Kit Features

  • Accessory kit for OP-1
  • FM antenna for extended radio reception
  • Crank for hand cranked recordings
  • Bender elastic modulation source
  • Brick shafts for adding Lego parts
  • TBD
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