System 80810 Mk2 Analog Synth Voice


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System 80 810 Mk2

The System 80 810 Mk2 is a full synthesis voice with a VCO, VCF, and VCA all housed behind one stylish black and orange panel. While not strictly a clone, the 810 module takes definite cues in sound and design from the golden age of Roland synthesizers.

The VCO is a classic design with a 1V/Oct response, providing accurate tracking over seven to eight octaves. The VCO section also offers selectable waveshape, including pulse, ramp, triangle, or sine. A CV input for pulse width modulation provides instant access to classic PWM bass and lead sounds, while the dedicated sync input allows for both "weak" and "strong" (think "soft" or "hard") sync.

The VCF is an OTA design with 12 or 24dB operation. The filter can also self oscillate, providing 1V/Oct tracking over 3–4 octaves. It also provides voltage control of resonance, making it possible to create a huge array of complex, dynamic filtering and accentuation effects. The module's VCA is a traditional single OTA design,with two CV inputs with switches that change the inputs' response curves from exponential to linear. All of these factors combine to create a module of true depth that can shred a bassline like only a vintage Roland can.

810 Mk2 Features

  • Full VCO, VCF, and VCA sections
  • Multiple Waveform Shapes including Sine, Ramp, and Pulse
  • VCF utilizes 12 or 24dB resonant behavior
  • VCA inputs can be switched from Exponential to Linear
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 60mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
System 80 810 Mk2 Analog Synth Voice Reviews