Synthesis TechnologyE580 Resampling Mini-Delay


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Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay

The E580 from Synthesis Technology is a resampling delay module that recreates the sounds of BBD, digital, and tape delays. The module features four parameters, all under voltage control. In BBD mode, the E580 demonstrates exemplary pitch modulation with variable bandwidth—all without using so much as one BBD IC! In tape mode, the E580 features tape saturation and non-linear distortion modeled from vintage tape units. 

The module features two audio outputs, one a straight delay and the other a variable tapped delay. For the latter, the tap position consists of a percentage of the master delay time. This means that both extremely short and long delays are easily achievable under the right settings. Additionally, the module features jumper-selectable feedback sourced from either the tap position or the primary delay, allowing for the easy generation of rhythmic delays or pre-delays. 

E580 Features

  • Wet/Dry mix
  • Positive and negative delay feedback available via the same knob
  • Tap offset provides tap position independent of delay time (calculated as percentage of total delay time)
  • Delay time with killer modulation
  • +12V @ 105mA ; -12V @ 20mA
  • 14 HP
  • Max Delay Time:  780ms (0.78 seconds)
  • DSP engine: 16-bit, 39kHz sample rate.
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