Synthesis TechnologyE560 Deflector Shield


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Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield

The Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield is an effects module with three distinct functions. The module can act as a thru-zero frequency shifter, ring modulator, and phaser. Unlike traditional phasers and frequency shifters, the E560 ditches the sine wave carrier/modulator configuration in favor of eight different, continuously-crossfaded carrier waves. Needless to mention, this is an easy means of creating gloriously idiosyncratic and unique sounds—as each carrier was implemented for the widest and most varied sonic palette possible.�

E560 Features

  • SHIFT: A frequency shifter that can shift thru-zero with 2 simultaneous outputs (down and up). Carrier waveforms include: sine, triangle, square, saw, 16-point random phase, 64-point random phase, cross-modulated triangle/pulse and 3x sine Frequency Shift Range: 0hz to +-3000hz.
  • RM: A standard ring mod with a twist: the 2 outputs are always forced into quadrature (90 degree phase shift). Good for tremolo, gating, distortion, and more!
  • PHASE: An 8-stage all-pass network. The 2 audio outputs are in quadrature, but in turn phase shifted from 0 to 360 degrees relative to the input. not only that, the ‘vector' the phase shift follows is the data in the carrier wavetable. The phase shifting can be linear (saw wave), traditional (triangle) or bouncing all over the place (64-random phase waveform).
  • 14 HP
  • +12V @ 90 mA ; -12V @ 20mA
  • Depth: 1.3 inches ; 33mm
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