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Synthesis TechnologyE520 Hyperion Effects Processor

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Synthesis Technology E520

Offering no compromises in its role as a premium effects processor, Synthesis Technology's E520 Hyperion Effects Processor is an ultra-powerful stereo effects designed with Eurorack modular synthesizers in mind. Internally, the ARM Cortex M7 CPU clocked at 480MHz is more than sufficiently qualified to run the effect algorithms at a smooth 24-bit/48kHz. The E520 utilizes a similar user interface as the E352 and E370, and while menus are somewhat unavoidable on a unit this powerful, things are laid out in a clean and accessible fashion. For convenience in scenarios outside the modular realm, the E520's stereo inputs and outputs may be assigned to accept or transmit line-level or Eurorack-level signals.

The E520 Hyperion specializes in two types of effects: time-domain and frequency-domain. Most of the familiar effects exist in the time-domain category—an array of delays, reverbs, and even a recreation of the classic E560 Deflector Shield module are all available for use. In the frequency-domain category, FFTs are employed for vocoders, spectral delays, time stretching effects, and more. Most effects are available for mono or stereo use, and the E520 provides for a cool dual-mono mode where the left and right channels run separate algorithms for cascading or parallel effects chains. Additional utility modes are available too, with things like VU meters, oscilloscopes, tuners, and more make it easy to keep a tab on signals going in and out of the E520

For each of the E520's many algorithms, there are four main parameters per effect that can be controlled manually or with control voltage. There are also dedicated controls for dialing in positive or negative feedback, as well as the dry/wet mix, each available for the left and right channels independently via manual knobs and CV. Every CV input will gladly accept bipolar signals up to +/- 5V and 10kHz in frequency, but there are also four internal LFOs which may be assigned for more capable standalone usage. For tempo-sensitive applications, the onboard Tap Tempo button can dial in delay times and the like on the fly, or patch an external clock source into the Sync input for tightly locking your effect timings.

Although the hardware is mature and designed with premium components for studio-grade audio quality, Synthesis Technology is continually refining the firmware and working on new effects algorithms. If you're looking for a stellar effects processor for your modular rig that also makes an excellent companion to any other instrument, look no further than the E520 Hyperion.

E520 Features

  • Stereo effects processor
  • Runs effects at 24-bit/48kHz
  • 480mHz ARM Cortex M7 CPU
  • Premium sourced components in audio path
  • Four algorithm-dependent controls with CV inputs and attenuators
  • Positive or negative feedback with CV over feedback amount
  • 64MB of SDRAM allows for up to six minutes of stereo audio looping
  • Includes frequency and time-domain effects
  • Four internal LFOs with a selection of waveshapes including random
  • Sync to external clock or with tap tempo button
  • Dual chained mono mode splits into dual mono effects and can run in series
  • Four algorithm-dependent soft-touch buttons
  • Six presets per algorithm, plus 24 additional user preset slots
  • Optional SD card for saving looped audio and presets
  • Utility section with oscilloscope and analysis tools
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 48hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 240mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Effects Processor Reviews