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Synthesis TechnologyE370 Quad Morphing VCO

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Synthesis Technology E370

The E370 Quad Morphing VCO from Synthesis Technology is one of the most technologically-advanced oscillators in all of eurorack modular synthesis. The module implements revised algorithms from earlier Synthesis Technology releases—namely the E330 Multi-mode VCO, E340 Cloud Generator, and E350 Morphing Terrarium.

Each of its 4 VCOs are controlled by a precision crystal oscillator and can be deployed in unison, in two pairs, or individually. In tandem, the four VCOs can generate 4-note chords from a single cv source. Additionally, the E370 features several MOD inputs assigned to scales, intervals, progressions and everything else needed for all-out chordal bliss. Combine all of this with E370's linear thru-zero FM capabilities and its easy to see why this will be the oscillator to end all oscillators.

The module's 2.4" TFT display gives real-time indication of each output, while a micro-SD slot gives users the ability to load custom wavetables and store/recall presets. The display facilitates minimal menu diving (or as the folks at Synthesis Technology refer to it, "shallow menu diving"). Its generous size renders all crucial functions visible and keeps the overall page count to a minimum. All data can be expediently entered and selected via the adjacent rotary encoder.

Beneath the rotary encoder, the E370 sports a micro-SD slot that accepts cards of up to 16GB. It uses the standard file/FAT system but maintains regulations in regards to directory configuration and file naming conventions. Use this slot to load and store presets within the module. Included factory presets consist of all 192 wavetables from the original E350.

E370 Features

  • Dedicated controls for Coarse/Fine, FM, and Mod A/B
  • Auto-calibration, no trimmers required!
  • E340 Sine
  • E340 SawE340 Spreading
  • E340 Chaos/Chaos BW
  • LFO Mode
  • Any of a VCO's 64 wavetables can be mobilized to "Cloud"
  • E350 Phase Mode
  • E350 Glitch Mode
  • 2-OP FM Mode
  • 64 wavetables available at any time
  • Generate chords from a single CV source
  • Sample rate: 16-bit/96kHz
  • 2.4" TFT display facilitates "shallow menu diving"
  • Micro-SD slot accepts cards of up to 16GB
  • Uses standard FAT system
  • Custom wavetables can be created using ST's free WaveEditor program
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 54hp
  • Depth: 48mm
  • Current draw: 115mA @ -12V, 25mA @-12V
Product Demo Videos
Synthesis Technology E370 With WORNG Soundstage
All of the sounds in this video were generated with the Synthesis Technology E370 which is four VCOs in one. The E370 was processed with the WORNG Soundstage which places sounds within a virtual space by having different panning and filtering settings for each of its 21 inputs.

On the E370 each of the four oscillators have multiple mode options including wavetables, detuned cloud oscillators and FM operators. The Soundstage can be used as a basic and fast mixer or with some creative feedback patching can be used as an interesting resonating effect.
Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO Reviews