Synthesis TechnologyE102 Quad Temporal Shifter


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Synthesis Technology E102 Quad Temporal Shifter

The E102 from Synthesis Technology is a four-tap delay specifically designed for control voltages. The module includes an onboard noise generator, itself containing eight types of noise. The digital noise is sampled when nothing is patched into the CV input. When a CV signal is patched in, the module samples the input signal in tandem with each clock pulse, with each consecutive clock shifting the sampled voltage to the next output (Out 1 > Out 2 > Out 3). Each sample is stored internally as a 14-bit value.

E102 Features

  • Control knobs for Rate, Delay, and Noise
  • Quantization switch: if OFF will sample the input to the output. If ON adds whole-step quantization each sample clock. FLOW will ignore the sample clock and not do any shifting. The INPUT is quantized and copied to all 4 OUTs. This is the "stand-alone' quantizer mode. 1 whole step = 0.083V
  • The DELAY switch sets the 3 DELAY ranges between the states (not the total) as follows: Short: 1-8 (a "1" means 1 clock between stages or a "zero" delay); Medium: 1-32 clocks; Long: 1-511 clocks.
  • the INPUT jack is the input for the sampled CV. If no patch cord is inserted, the digital noise is sampled. the applied CV is sampled at the rising edge of the clock and appears as OUT1.
  • Direct white noise output
  • Digital noise output
  • Clock output
  • Clock input
  • 4 output taps
  • +12V @ 50 mA; -12V @ 20mA
  • 14 HP
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