SynclavierRegen Desktop Digital FM Synthesizer


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Synclavier Regen

A classic reborn and shrunken down to a compact size, the Synclavier Regen is a desktop digital FM synthesizer that owes its genetics to the classic Synclavier of yore, containing the same great-sounding 12-partial FM sound generator and sampling engine. If you're not familiar with the Synclavier as an instrument, you are certainly familiar with its sound as it's been used on countless albums and film scores. The most famous use is on the "Beat It" opening "gong" hit, but composers such as Suzanne Cianni and Alan Silvestri have used the classic version in creating sound design and filmic compositions. The Synclavier creates sounds using 12 different partials, each with a Carrier and Modulatior wave shape—each is a sine wave by default, but you can draw in whatever waveform you'd like. Unique to the Synclavier is the option to use samples instead of a carrier wave while still having access to the FM capabilities of the modulator.

With the Synclavier Regen, you get quick access to each of these partials thanks to the independent buttons on the side and to edit parameters, they've added a responsive slider. The interface is perfect for sculpting your sound since you will often be flipping quickly between the different partials, tweaking and fine tuning until you get the perfect sound. You aren't limited to the waveshape you start with though, the keyframe option lets you change the waveshape over time for each of the 12 partials. Sound design isn't limited to additive synthesis, with the Synclavier Regen, you also get classic subtractive synthesis as an option with saw, square and noise wave shapes.

Aside from the incredible sound sculpting options, you also get a robust piece of equipment that features four USB ports for hosting controllers plus a Host USB for connecting directly to your DAW. XLR and 1/4" outputs, along with MIDI TRS connectors. The Synclavier Regen takes some time to program and they know it, so they've outfitted the device with 255 timbre presets that sound great as they are and a great jumping-off point for your own experimentation. Additionally, 700 royalty-free samples are included, so you can instantly start to build sample-based sounds.

Synclavier Regen is not a simple reissue for the modern era, it is a natural progression for one of the leaders in digital FM and sample-based synthesis. Incredibly powerful and outstandingly compact, the Regen will find a place in your workflow, studio, and heart.

Regen Features

  • Digital additive, subtractive, and sample-based synthesizer
  • 12 Partials/tracks of waveshaping and sampling
  • 12 Channel multitimbrality
  • 4 USB Ports
  • USB Host
  • 2 Full color screens
  • Touch swiper for controlling parameters easily
  • Multiple effects per track include: reverb, vibrato, chorus, bit crush, arpeggiator, and multi-mode filter
  • 130dB Dynamic range, high-fidelity, XLR, and 1/4" audio outputs
  • 255 Presets
  • 700+ Factory samples
  • Outputs: 2x XLR, 2x 1/4" TS, DC Coupled
  • Headphone: 1x TRS 1/4"
  • Approx 300MB of sample space in memory, 100 mins @ 48Khz 24-bit mono shared across all active tracks and partials
  • 98 Simultaneous voices under maximum system load
  • SD Card reader
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Synclavier Regen Desktop Digital FM Synthesizer Reviews