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StrymonConduit MIDI Hub


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Strymon Conduit

Conduit from Strymon is a bi-directional MIDI hub, perfect for integrating your MIDI-capable pedals with external equipment. It features MIDI in and out on 5-pin DIN and USB plus four bi-directional 1/4" TRS connections, all opto-isolated for low-noise operation. With Conduit, you get control over your pedals with your MIDI devices or DAW, plus the ability to send MIDI data from your pedals. Recall preset changes for your whole pedalboard that switch at a moment's notice. Link multiple Conduits in tandem to extend the number of inputs and outputs. Sync pedals to external clocks or send SYSEX messages to change parameters on your pedals. Use it in the reverse direction and use the knobs of your pedal to create gestural changes with your MIDI device or DAW. Conduit is the control hub your MIDI-equipped pedals need, providing extensive bi-directional control for ultimate flexibility.

Conduit Features

  • MIDI hub for pedals
  • Works with most 1/4" MIDI equipped pedals
  • Four TRS bi-directional MIDI ports
  • MIDI over USB and 5-pin DIN
  • Link multiple units together for extended power
  • LED indication of status
  • Dimensions: Power over USB or 50mA @ 9V center negative
  • Power Specs: 2.63 x 3.5 x 1.2"/72 x 90 x 38mm
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Product Demo Videos
Strymon Conduit – MIDI Hub – Intro
Smart MIDI Control for Your Pedals.

Conduit is a premium, easily configurable, ultra-reliable MIDI interface that will work with just about any quarter-inch MIDI equipped effects pedals you have, and it also offers the best USB computer connection available for any TRS MIDI pedal.

Each of Conduit’s four bi-directional TRS jacks are independently configurable to work with most quarter-inch MIDI equipped pedals. Built-in grounding isolation ensures the quiet operation you expect from Strymon. And for pedals that only need to receive MIDI, Dual Mode allows you to connect two pedals to a single TRS output using an optional TRS splitter cable.

USB MIDI Interface For Your Pedals.

Conduit is designed to be a rock solid USB MIDI interface between your computer and your pedals. Send MIDI control change messages from a sequencer for perfectly synced pedal parameter changes. Automate pedal preset changes, load and save presets, or send SYSEX messages—all from your computer.

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Plug In and Go.

Out of the box, Conduit’s 1/4″ TRS MIDI jacks are configured to work with Strymon pedals—just plug and go! Other configurations are easily selectable with no DIP switches, no custom cables, and no screwdriver required. Need more TRS MIDI outputs? Just link another Conduit!
Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub Reviews