SonicsmithConVertor E1 Preamp and Audio Controlled Oscillator (Cream + Black)


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Sonicsmith ConVertor E1

Loaded with Sonicsmith's renowned audio-controlled pitch tracking technology and a wealth of other handy features, ConVertor E1 is a great choice for curious synthesists incorporating outside sound sources into their Eurorack system. Much like their Squaver P1, ConVertor E1 contains an ACO (audio-controlled oscillator), which is a digitally-controlled oscillator whose pitch is informed by incoming signals at the audio input. But rather than closing this off, Sonicsmith have kindly broken out several derived control voltages from the incoming audio, including the calculated pitch as 1V/Oct output, an envelope follower which tracks the dynamics of the source audio, and a gate output for triggering outside sources when the input signal crosses a specific threshold. Of course, there's also a dedicated output for the built-in oscillator, waveform selection, and an FM input as well with internal pitch quantization.

While the pitch tracking capabilities are certainly a highlight of the ConVertor E1, there's a lot more going on than initially meets the eye. The preamp used for external audio input is practically studio quality, offering up to +50dB of gain and offers a handy auto-gain feature. There are also internal compressors, one in the traditional audio sense, and another for scaling the envelope follower output. If you decide to add the MIDVertor E1 or purchase both as part of the E1 Duo Pack, ConVertor can also transmit its pitch conversion data as MIDI to any instrument in your studio. Simply put, ConVertor E1 is a unique offering that's sure to spark countless ideas from sound explorers everywhere.

ConVertor E1 Features

  • Preamp module with pitch tracking analysis and internal oscillator
  • +50dB of preamp gain with manual and auto control
  • Outputs pitch, envelope, and gate from incoming audio
  • Internal oscillator follows incoming audio pitch, or can run entirely off of external CV
  • Waveforms: sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth
  • Internal pitch quantizer for oscillator
  • Connects to MIDVertor E1 for MIDI connectivity
  • Preset functionality
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current draw: 150mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
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Sonicsmith ConVertor E1 Preamp and Audio Controlled Oscillator (Cream + Black) Reviews