Eurorack Cases

Choosing the Modular Case That's Right for You

Keyboard Synthesizers

The Best Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Synthesizers for Studio + Performance

Semi-Modular Synthesizers

Our Favorites from Moog, Make Noise, Bastl, Arturia, and More

Drum Machines

Affordable Favorites, Outrageous Oddities, and Hard-Hitting Modern Classics

Hardware Samplers

Sample-Based Beatmaking Breakdown for Any Budget

Eurorack Oscillators

Modular Synthesizer Oscillators from Make Noise, Xaoc, Bastl, Tiptop / Buchla, and More

Eurorack Filters

From Classics to New Approaches to Modular Synth Filter Design

Eurorack Samplers

Drums, Granular, and Full-Featured Sample Workstations for Your Modular System

Eurorack Delays

The Best Echo Effects for Your Modular Synthesizer

Eurorack Reverbs

Adding Some Space to Your Modular Synthesizer

Delay Pedals

The Best Effect Pedals for Echoes and Evolving Atmospheres

Reverb Pedals

Building Sonic Atmospheres with the Best Reverb Pedals Available

Multi-Effects Pedals

The Best Multi-FX for Guitar, Synthesizer, and More

Looper Pedals

Capturing Time & Layered Loops

Best Audio Interfaces Under $500

Top Picks for Home Recording Studios, Performance Rigs, and More

Studio Audio Interfaces

Best Audio Interfaces for Home Studios and Professional Recording

Dynamic Microphones

Top Picks for Home Recording Studios, Live Performance, and More