Affordable Elektron

Affordable Elektron

Digging In With Elektron's Model:Samples Groovebox

Tony J Rivas · 01/22/19

We got our hands on Elektron’s new machine, Model:Samples. This six track groovebox is entirely sample-based and contains some formidable features. It ships with over 300 preset sounds, including drum staples like kicks, snares, and hi-hats but also includes other non-percussive flavors for even more options.

We found immediate gratification with the device’s proficient knob-per-function layout, which provided ample room for spontaneous creative expression without any of the restrictions imposed by menu diving. Combined with Elektron’s groundbreaking sequencer, Model:Samples easily outperforms the competition.

Despite being a sample-based instrument, there is a wealth of possibility for sound design, including a looping sample playback mode and single-knob LPF/HPF. To explore looping playback, we altered the duration and start time of a violin sample for some wacky pseudo-granularization! The combo LPF/HPF knob introduces a LPF as the knob is turned left and a HPF when turned to the right, with no filtering in the center position. This allows for expedient filter sweeps and underscores the device’s distinct character.

Another handy feature is the Track button, which can be pressed while twisting a knob in order to alter that corresponding parameter across all six tracks. We could ramble all day about how this is the key to exploratory sound design but we’ll just let the video speak for itself.

Model:Samples is available to order here.