Videos highlighting some of our favorite gear, techniques, and electronic musicians.

Studio Guests: Xiu Xiu

Making Horrendous Noises With Synthesizers and Guitar Pedals

Native Instruments Maschine+

Standalone Music Production Powerhouse

Chatting with Danjel van Tijn

Building Intellijel

Sequencing Without Sequencers

Exploring Clocks and Logic

Chatting with Eric Schlappi

Designing Synth Modules

Guitar + Eurorack

Processing and Control

Chatting with Noise Engineering

New Modules On The Way

Mood, Blooper, and More

A Chat with Chase Bliss Audio

Rethinking Electronic Music Education

A Chat With Alissa and Moises from Teenage Engineering

Exploring the Subharmonicon

Live Walkthrough and Q&A

May the Force Be With You

Akai Force Performances + Chat

Exploring Organic Analog Synthesis With Richard Nicol

Pittsburgh Modular Now and Then

IOS Apps, Hardware, and Eurorack

Tying It All Together

Talking Wavestate with Nick Kwas

The Shape of Wave Sequencing To Come

A Chat with Mario aka StrangeStrains from Elektron

Model:Cycles, Overbridge 2.0, and More

Talking Modular with Nasty Nachos

Working at WMD, Performing with Modular, and New Album

Connecting Hardware, Software and Eurorack

Syncing Clocks, Converting Signals

Talking Modular Synths with POB

Making Patches, Creating Synth Demo Videos, And Releasing Modular Jams

Mitch Lantz Talks Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo

A Modular Synth For Your Modular Synth

MIGSI: Connecting Acoustic Instruments, Modulars, and Max

An Evening with Sarah Belle Reid and Ryan Gaston

Bitwig Studio 3 Walkthrough

Integrating Modular Synths + Sound Design in The Grid

Patching A Verbos System

A Masterclass From Mark Verbos

Hydrasynth In the Wild

An Evening With Ashun Sound Machines and Friends

How to Make Techno with a Modular Synth

Patch Tips with Trovarsi and Noise Engineering

Contact Mics, Transducers, and Thrift-store Electronics

An Evening with Crank Sturgeon

K-Board Pro 4 + Kijimi

The Evolution of MIDI through MPE

Roland MC-101 at a Glance

A New Generation of Groovebox

Expanding the Make Noise 0-Coast

Ideas for Growing Your Semi-Modular Setup

Bizmuth Modular Bizmuth

Chaotic Signal Router & Gate Source

The Novation Summit

Inside Novation's Second—and Best—Luxury Synthesizer

Humble Audio Quad Operator

FM Has Never Been Easier

Polyend Perc

Bringing Acoustic Sound to Electronic Musicians

Arturia Microfreak

Maybe the Coolest Digital Synth Under $300

Technos Acxel Walkthrough

Concepts & Workflows for Additive Resynthesis

SSF Stereo Dipole

Far More than Just Four Filters

Rings Into Clouds

A Patch for the Ages

Vector Rescanning Jam

Scanline Manipulation with LZX & Vectrex

Gamechanger Audio Plasma

High-Voltage Distortion for Guitars, Synths, & More

Affordable Elektron

Digging In With Elektron's Model:Samples Groovebox

Curing that Syncing Feeling

Keep Up with the E-RM Multiclock