SequentialTrigon-6 Polyphonic Analog Keyboard Synthesizer


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Sequential Trigon-6

Sequential's Trigon-6 is a polyphonic three-oscillator powerhouse that uses an enhanced version of the ladder filter found in the Pro 3 combined with the playability of the Prophet-6 and OB-6, all in a small footprint. The difference between the Trigon-6 and the other polyphonic offerings in the Sequential line, is the thick, creamy, huge sound of three oscillators going through their exquisitely designed filter.

Inside the Trigon-6, the oscillators are completely redesigned and enhanced, able to generate triangle, saw, and pulse waves. The resonant filter is also enhanced, and is switchable between 2-pole and 4-pole slopes with the ability to drive for crunch and back off for silk. The Vintage knob adds voice-to-voice variation, so you can use it for something that is in perfect working condition, or give your sound the dusty, ancient warble of a forgotten relic.

A synth wouldn't be a synth without modulation sources, and the Trigon-6 has modulation aplenty with dedicated amp and filter envelopes, plus a main LFO capable of sine, sawtooth, reverse saw, square, and S&H waveshapes. Additionally, you can use the third oscillator of each voice as a modulation source and route the filter envelopes to different destinations. Add expressivity by using the semi-weighted keys outfitted with Aftertouch, which can be routed to numerous destinations as well.

Sequential's Trigon-6 is a complete performance unit with the addition of onboard effects, including an analog distortion as well as a bevy of digital, 24-bit, 48kHz effects with reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, phase shifter, and ring mod. Add sonic versatility that only Sequential can create with their polyphonic, three oscillator synthesizer, the Trigon-6.

Trigon-6 Features

  • 3 Discrete VCOs per voice
  • 6 Polyphonic voices
  • Simultaneously selectable wave shapes: triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, and pulse
  • Pulse width per oscillator
  • Osc. 3 has switchable key tracking for modulation duties
  • Hard sync Osc 1 & 2
  • White noise source
  • Switchable 2/4 pole resonant low pass filter, can self-oscillate
  • Velocity mod of filter envelope amount
  • 2x 4-stage envelopes
  • LFO with 5 waveshapes
  • Poly Mod for advanced modulation
  • Vintage Knob for voice variation
  • Aftertouch
  • Arpeggitator
  • Sequencer with 64 steps and polyphony
  • Analog distortion
  • Digital effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger
  • phase shifter, and ring mod
  • True bypass for maintaining the analog signal path
  • Polyphonic portamento
  • 500 Factory presets with 500 user present banks
  • Dimensions:31.8" L x 12.7" W x 4.6′′ H (80.7 cm x 32.3 cm x 11.7 cm)
  • Weight: 20lbs (9.5 kg)
  • Power: IEC Cable included
  • L & R 1/4" Stereo outputs
  • 1/4" Stereo Headphone output
  • MIDI I/O/Thru
  • USB for bidirectional communication
  • Filter cutoff expression input
  • Volume expression input
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Sequencer start/stop input
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Introducing the Sequential Trigon-6
The Trigon-6 is Sequential’s take on the classic, thick and creamy, 3-oscillator-plus-ladder-filter analog sound that defined the dawn of the synth era. It’s a sound that bridges genres and styles — now refined and redefined with Sequential’s own modern imprint. The Trigon-6 shares the same critically acclaimed knob-per-function panel design and form factor as Sequential’s Prophet-6 and OB-6 — forming a true power trio of modern workhorses for studio and stage.
Sequential Trigon-6 Polyphonic Analog Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews