Second SoundUniSyn Pitch Tracking Synthesizer Pedal


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Second Sound UniSyn Pitch Tracking Synth Pedal

UniSyn from Second Sound is a standalone desktop audio-to-synth device of an unmatched quality and precision. At the core of the unit are highly accurate envelope following and pitch-tracking circuits, designed for real-time conversion of any monophonic audio signal to control voltage or MIDI. And of course, the inclusion of a built-in sound engine means that this can be used as its own audio source—or as an interface between your instrument of choice and any other CV or MIDI-equipped device.

The input section of the device includes a set of useful tools implemented to maximize the performance of UniSyn. A high pass filter with two switchable cutoff points at 80 Hz or 160 Hz is added to remove unnecessary low-end from the analysis chain. A gate threshold control allows to clean up the signal even further by eliminating low-level background and instrument noise. There are also a few options for managing the dynamics of the input signal, which include a switchable preamp level between -20 dBu and +4 dBu, and an optional 3:1 compression. UniSyn is also equipped with a +24V phantom power to accommodate for a variety of condenser microphones.

Not only does UniSyn provide MIDI data and control voltage signals extracted from the incoming audio, but it simultaneously applies them to its own built-in synth voice, which is on a variable waveform oscillator that can deliver a blend of sine and saw/square waves that can be further pitchshifted within +/- two octaves. Finally, a dedicated mix control allows you to dial in the right balance between the dry and synth sounds.

UniSyn Features

  • Highly accurate audio-to-synth solution
  • Built-in variable waveform oscillator with option to pitchshift within +/- two octaves range
  • Switchable preamp level between -20 dBu and +4 dBu
  • +24V phantom power
  • High-pass filter
  • Switchable 3:1 compression
  • Outputs for Envelope, CV, Gate
  • 3.5mm TRS MIDI output
  • Inputs for FM or V/oct
  • MIDI bend range switch
  • Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 4"
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
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Second Sound UniSyn Pitch Tracking Synthesizer Pedal Reviews