Roland MC-707 Groovebox

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Roland MC-707

With MC-707, Roland re-envision the classic format of groove production stations and make it more powerful than ever before. The machine contains everything one might need to create a fully produced track or to perform a live set. MC-707 sports eight tracks—all equipped with the ZEN-Core sound engine that can be used for anything from punchy drum sounds to ethereal pads, groovy basslines, or blazing leads. Additionally, you’ll find a large selection of effects that can be applied to individual tracks, as well as to Master track. In fact, right out of the box MC-707 comes filled with over 3000 synthesizer sounds and 80 drum kits that include samples of some of the most loved vintage drum machines from Roland, like the TR-808, 909, and 707. Up to 16 clips of 64-step sequences can be created on each track allowing for fast and intuitive groove creation.

With all of that in place, you are by no means limited to the sounds the machine comes with, as you can freely load your own samples or even record sounds directly via the ¼” inputs. Also, the internal sequencer can easily be used to control external synths and drum machines, adding even more layers to your production while keeping everything in perfect sync.

MC-707 Features

  • Eight-track groovebox capable of building entire tracks
  • Multiple sound engines, assignable per track: Drum, Drum+Compressor, Looper, Tone (synthesizer)
  • Fully-featured sound engines with tons of user control and customization
  • Each drum track comprised of sixteen sample sounds (user-definable)
  • Each Tone track utilizes 64-voice polyphonic synth engine with four oscillators, filter, amp, effects, and built-in modulation
  • Tone oscillators can be Virtual Analog or PCM (in any combination)
  • User-definable PCM waveforms
  • Looper engine allows live looping and resampling from any of several sources, including external inputs or the device's own output
  • Three assignable controls per track with motion recording
  • Open-ended yet intuitive step sequencer with definable number of steps, sequence direction, live recording, and more
  • Clip launching workflow for live performance, complete with scene functionality
  • Performable master effects
  • Open-ended scatter effect operated using sixteen main pads as momentary buttons
  • USB communication for MIDI and audio—stream all stereo tracks separately to your DAW
  • Mix output: 2x 1/4"
  • Assignable out: 2x 1/4"
  • Headphone out: 1/4"
  • Send/Return: 1/4"
  • External in: 1/4" TRS/TS
  • MIDI: In, Out1, Out2
  • USB: Type B, MIDI & Audio
  • Power: DC adpater included (Roland PSD)
  • Dimensions: 426 x 263 x 60mm
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