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Roland MC-101

MC-101 is an ultra-portable groovebox from Roland that is powerful enough to handle production of complete tracks or to be used as an all-in-one performance tool. Essentially, MC-101 borrows much of its features and workflow from its bigger sibling MC-707. It contains a sequencer, polyphonic synth and drum engines, and a set of modern effects. Straight out of the package the groovebox comes with more than 3000 sounds covering all the bases from soft pads to piercing leads, 80 drum kits, and 90 custom DSP effects applicable to individual tracks and to Master channel. MC-101 utilizes clip-based sequencing, allowing for up to 16 clips per track. Besides playing sequences the tracks can be used for sample playback. Additionally, there is a built-in Looper with 4-voice polyphony, as well as pitch-shift and timestretch options.

MC-101 Features

  • Four-track groovebox built on the same engine as the MC-707
  • Battery-powered for ease of portability
  • Multiple sound engines, each selectable per-track: Drum, Looper, Tone (synthesizer)
  • Each sound engine offers a huge amount of customization
  • Drum tracks are comprised of sixteen sounds organized as a kit
  • Drum tracks can utilize user-imported samples
  • Tone tracks provide a 64-voice synth engine with traditional subtractive architecture
  • Oscillators can be Virtual Analog or PCM in any combination
  • Looper engine for live looping and resampling
  • Looper can record from other tracks or device's master output
  • Open-ended sequencer with live recording, definable number of steps, selectable sequence direction, and more
  • Clip launching workflow for live performance, including scene functionality
  • Performable master effects, including Scatter
  • User-definable Scatter behaviors, assignable to main pads
  • USB for MIDI and audio, maintaining individual stereo tracks for each MC-101 track
  • Phones output: 3.5mm
  • Main out: 2x 1/4"
  • MIDI: In, Out
  • USB: Type B for Audio & MIDI
  • Power: 4xAA or USB Bus power
  • Dimensions: 224 x 132 x 61mm
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Roland MC-101 Groovebox Sounds
The Roland MC-101 is a powerful and compact groovebox. It has four channels, which can each be used as a powerful 16 track drum channel, polyphonic synth or looper channel. It also included a powerful sequencer and built in effects. The MC-101 also runs on batteries if you want to make music away from a power outlet.

The synthesizer has PCM as well as virtual analog oscillators and an impressive 64 voices of polyphony. The drum tracks can load built in or user added samples from the SD card. The looper tracks can record and loop other channels or the master output.
Roland MC-101 Groovebox Reviews