Red PandaRaster 2 Pitch Shifting Delay Pedal


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Red Panda Raster 2 Pitch Shifting Delay Pedal

Raster 2 revamps the famed Red Panda pitch shifting delay into an updated stereo version with a load of additional features that expand your ability to spatialize, harmonize and warp sound. Like its predecessor, the Raster 2 offers a digital delay with an expanded delay time of up to 1600ms, a feedback control that can push past infinity to create chaotic feedback loops, and a dry/wet blend to balance your sound with the affected delay. The key feature that separates Raster from other delay pedals is its unique Shift feature, accessible via the footswitch and editable via the shift knob. Of the five available three-way switches, the Shift switch includes chromatic pitch shifting with a range of +/-12 semitones, microtonal detuning that can produce lush choruses to beating micro-shifts, and phase/frequency shifting to introduce more flangy and inharmonious tones for creative sound design.

Raster's Shift feature ties back to the feedback control via a three-position switch, determining whether the feedback plays forwards or backwards while pitch shifting up/down, or a simple feed forward style that retains the repeat's original pitch shift. The amount of flexibility in how the feedback operates gives you the opportunity to create anything from small dimensional effects to expansive arpeggios. Additionally, the delay time has a new three-position range switch that not only acts as a time division, but evokes evolution in how the feedback resonates and can create interesting repositioning rhythms.

New and improved, the additional features take Raster 2 to the next level of spatial design. Now with stereo TRS input and output, you are afforded the capability of complex widening with individual control over how parameters behave in the left and right channels, with the ability to affect pitch shift, delay time, dry/wet level, and the new modulation section. Speaking of which, Raster 2 has added a modulation section with seven selectable waveforms as well as a positive and negative envelope, all controlled via the rate and depth parameters for creating wild tremeloes, pitch bends, warbles, and so much more. Three classic routing options in which the two delay channels can be run include series, parallel, and ping pong, and with additional highpass or lowpass tone control, there's no hassle in fitting Raster 2 into a mix or performance.

Raster 2's highly performable footswitches can not only be independently set up for momentary or latching operation, but they also have additional features in which the bypass switch can be set to a mute effect and the shift switch can be turned into a tap tempo. The updated control input accepts expression, remote footswitches, remote tap tempo, and even TRS MIDI for control over a multitude of Raster 2's parameters. For detailed control, synchronization, or even updating to the latest firmware, Raster 2 has a mini USB port on the back to further expand control and preset storing/recalling from the four accessible to 127. All in all, Red Panda's Raster 2 carries on the amazing qualities of the former version and doubles down on how great modulated delays can be.

Raster Features

  • Pitch shifting digital delay
  • Stereo TRS I/O
  • Stereo delay time up to 1600ms in three ranges, and 3200ms forward delay accessible via the web-based editor
  • Micro and chromatic (+/- 12 semitones) pitch shifting
  • Phase and frequency shifting
  • Feedback control from 1 repeat to infinity
  • Reverse delay mode
  • Assignable modulation with 7 waveforms, an envelope, and a inverse envelope option
  • L/R alternative controls on majority of parameters for stereo delay
  • Tone control (highpass/lowpass)
  • Parallel, series, or ping pong delay type
  • Bypass and Shift footswitch can be momentary or latching with an additional option (Bypass: mute, Shift: tap tempo)
  • 4 accessible presets with 127 savable via MIDI
  • Configurable control input for expression, remote switch, remote tap tempo, or MIDI
  • Full MIDI implementation over USB or TRS MIDI
  • Dimensions: 3.05" x 4.75" x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative (not included)
  • Designed and Manufactured in Detroit, USA
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