Red PandaContext 2 Multi-Algorithm Reverb


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Red Panda Context 2

Context 2 is a reverb pedal inspired by rackmount reverbs from the 1980s, perfect for everything from ghostly reverbs to the sound of huge reverberant spaces with delay and modulation built in. Version two adds stereo input and output, assignable expression pedal, three new modes, USB MIDI, delay on all modes, separate high and low frequency damping controls, modulation, infinite hold, and more.

The plate, gated, room, hall, and cathedral have all been upgraded and sound better than ever. The three new reverb algorithms include reverse, grain, and spring. Several modulation modes are now available, great for making choruses and warbling reverbs. The modulation even contains a random mode that keeps the pitch stable.

Delay is now available on every reverb mode, adding an extra layer of depth to your sounds. Secondary controls are indicated in grey and accessed by using the shift button. These include the delay settings, expander for additional reverb with louder signals, ducking reverb, and modulation rate. Infinite reverb can be accessed by holding down the foot switches, this creates huge washes of swelling reverb.

One preset can be assigned to the left footswitch, and there are up to 127 that can be accessed via USB MIDI. The expression pedal/CV input is freely assignable and can affect any combination of parameters. Context contains a diverse range of reverb tones—from thick, ambient washes to granular clouds, Context is a go-to reverb for any scenario.

Context 2 Features

  • Multi-algorithm reverb pedal
  • Eight reverbs
  • Delay on every reverb
  • Modulation with multiple modes
  • Granular reverb inspired by the Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station
  • Preset footswitch
  • 127 MIDI presets
  • Freely assignable CV/expression pedal input
  • High and low frequency damping controls
  • Infinite reverb
  • Stereo in and out
  • 9V DC center negative 250mA
  • 3.05 x 4.75 x 2.5"/77 x 120 x 63mm
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