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Radial Engineering Reamp Station

The Reamp Station from Radial Engineering combines two of the most helpful studio tools in one convenient box: a DI and a Reamper. With the Reamp station you can get pristine, clear recording of your instrument directly through your interface and equipment alongside sending that same signal through outboard effects or an amplifier. You can also use it as your mixing for a little extra sauce to add to the session. Get creative with the various routing options available to you: pass your DAW's audio through pedals and amps, record direct or both, and finely tune the signal with a 3-position filter for low pass, high pass, or flat frequency adjustment with a level control. An included 3.5mm input is available in the Reamp signal chain for adding audio from a smartphone or other 3.5mm equipment piece of equipment. Radial Engineering's Reamp Station is the perfect companion for any studio large or small looking for creative routing options.

Reamp Station Features

  • Combination DI and Reamp box
  • Instrument input and thru 1/4" jacks
  • Link input and output for daisy chaining multiple devices together
  • 1/4" and XLR Reamp inputs
  • XLR Direct output
  • 3 Position filter for low pass, high pass, or flat frequency response
  • 3.5mm Input for smartphone, mobile device, or other smaller devices
  • Power: 48v Phantom Power for DI features only
  • Inputs: 1x XLR, 3x 1/4" (Link, Instrument, Reamp), 1x 1/8" TRS
  • Outputs: 1x XLR, 3x 1/4" (Thru, Link, Reamp)
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