Qu-Bit ElectronixPulsar Burst Generator


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Qu-Bit Pulsar

Pulsar, from Qu-Bit Electronix, is a multi-channel gate and trigger generator best suited for burst generation. The concept is roughly reminiscent of stars emitting beams of electromagnetic radiation. Once the Pulsar is initialized, it sends a sweep of triggers out of the four outputs. The controls on the panel adjust how the sweep of the triggers functions. With eight different dispersion modes, one can utilize a wide variety of trigger streams, such as euclidean, random, binary and fractal patterns. 

Pulsar Features

  • Burst generator
  • Four unique outputs
  • Eight dispersion modes
  • Physics simulation with gravity and absorb¬†
  • Black anodized aluminum front panel
  • Galactic clocks
Product Demo Videos
Qu-Bit Pulsar Burst Generator
In the first patch, the Qu-Bit Pulsar acts as a simple gate sequencer with some additional tricks. Each output drives a different element of the patch: a bass sequence and hat sound, a kick, a cowbell/rimshot sound, and a simple melodic sequence. Gradually unmuting the sequences channel by channel, a polyrhythmic groove is revealed. Turning on "gravity" for the melodic channel creates spinning, off-kilter melodic variations at literally the push of a button.

In the second patch, the Pulsar's four channels provide timing information for four pitches from the QuBit Chord module. Each channel runs at an independent clock rate, made visible with the LED ring around the Pulsar's primary encoder. Turning on "Gravity" from the Global Page activates a burst-like response from all channels, creating several cascading, phasing blips that form their own minimalist rhythmic structures and melodies. Pressing the length encoder from the Global page stops all channels once they have completed their respective cycles.

The third patch is another "gravity"-laden patch, this time featuring percussive sounds: a hat, snare, and kick. In this patch, the kick and snare trigger channels are set to automatically loop, but the hat channel is only triggered via the external burst function. By setting up the unutilized channel at a long clock division and patching it into the module's own burst input, the hat channel is made to trigger a string of pulses only periodically, rather than on a constant loop. "Gravity" is again engaged from the Global Page, making for whiplash-inducing accelerations and sudden stops from individual channels shifting in and out of sync with one another.
Qu-Bit Electronix Pulsar Burst Generator Reviews