Perfect CircuitPerformance T-Shirt

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Perfect Circuit Editions Performance T-Shirt

It can be tough to take your hands off of your favorite synthesizer—and the Perfect Circuit Editions Performance T-shirt suggests that, perhaps, you don't have to. Lay down some greasy bass lines and leave those grubby paws behind with our latest custom tee design.

Perfect Circuit Editions shirts are printed locally in Los Angeles by Shorthand Press, using only the finest materials. Printed on Comfort Colors garment-dyed heavyweight shirts, these relaxed-fit tees are seriously some of the most comfortable you've ever encountered. You'll look good, you'll feel good—and when you're looking good and feeling good, you'll also wind up sounding good. That's just science.

Need a gift for your patch pal or synth-loving significant other? Need a warm, comfy synth-themed tee to get you through the winter? Or heck, just need a reminder about where you left your hands? This shirt's got you covered.

Performance T-Shirt Features

  • Cozy, comfortable, high-quality unisex T-shirt
  • Relaxed fit for maximum comfort
  • Printed in Los Angeles at Shorthand Press
  • Original design by Andy deGiulio
  • Front and back design—featuring discreet Perfect Circuit logo on front and large Performance design on back
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: White
  • Style: Unisex, relaxed fit
  • Size: Multiple sizes available
  • Printed on garment-dyed Comfort Colors shirt
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