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Perfect Circuit Editions Bubble Babble T-Shirt

As you dive deeper into the world of synthesizers and electronic music production, you'll quickly learn a foundational rule: everything is connected. The Perfect Circuit Editions Bubble Babble T-shirt is a map through the language of electronic music, but it's also much more. It's a field guide to the existential linkages between key musical concepts like "bongo," "morf," "wobble," "try angle," "coffee," and "ouch." Treat it like a way of orienting yourself, like a reminder of important ideas, or like a wearable Oblique Strategies, or just as a way of amusing your nerdy friends.

The Perfect Circuit Editions Bubble Babble shirt is printed locally at Shorthand Press, using Comfort Colors garment-dyed heavyweight shirts. These all-cotton bad bois are ridiculously comfortable, with a relaxed fit sure to keep you cozy as you venture through the weird world of synthesis.

If you're looking for a rad gift for yourself or your synth-loving friends or family, this high-quality shirt is just the thing.

Bubble Babble T-Shirt Features

  • High-quality, relaxed fit unisex T-shirt
  • Printed on cotton Comfort Colors ivory garment-dyed shirt
  • Printed locally in Los Angeles
  • Features original art by Andy deGiulio
  • Ideal gift for the synthesizer scholar in your life
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Ivory
  • Style: Unisex, relaxed fit
  • Size: Multiple sizes available
  • Printed on garment-dyed Comfort Colors shirt
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