OTO MachinesBOUM Analog Stereo Warming Processor


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OTO Machines BOUM

Think of BOUM as an amalgamation of a compressor, distortion generator, and low-pass filter. Combined, these capacities make it the perfect tool for imparting a little extra warmth and thickness to a signal, though it can also be used to achieve hellish distortion and other abhorrent sonics. Users can save their settings in any of the unit's 36 preset locations, and easily integrate MIDI-compatible equipment.

BOUM is oriented around a unique circuit that includes the following stages:

Input Gain

This stage boosts a signal up to +18dB, meaning BOUM can interface with an array of signals. Of course, this section can also be overdriven to fine tune the impact of the distortion and compression.


The compressor section yolks three essential parameters down to a single knob, affording tactile access to threshold, ratio, and makeup gain. Ratio ranges from 1:1 to inf:1, and can even handle negative compression 1:-1. Beyond that, the section features six Attack and Release times, providing plenty of fine tuning options.

Low Cut Filter

This 6dB/Oct filter allows for precise attenuation of the overall distortion content present in the bass frequencies. This makes the resulting sound much easier to mix with the original.

Distortion Generator

The distortion generator is comprised of four circuits: Boost, Tube, Fuzz, and Square. Boost is a soft clipping amplifier that is ideal for emphasizing those subtle harmonics. Tube is a distortion emulator oriented around MOSFET technology that provides a second means of generating harmonic distortion. Fuzz is a hard clipping amplifier that functions similarly to an overdriven preamp. Square is a comparator-based sine wave generator that's perfect for adding some extra fuzz.

Hi Cut Filter

When high frequencies need serious softening, this is the section to consult. It is a 12dB/Oct low-pass filter with distinctly musical character.

Noise Gate

Noise does just as one would expect: removes unnecessary noise or mobilizes it for strange effects.

BOUM Features

  • Analog signal path and sidechain
  • One knob compressor (Ratio 1:1 to 1: -1) with attack & release parameters • 4 distortions : Boost, Tube, Fuzz and Square
  • Variable HiCut Filter, 12 dB /Oct, from 20 kHz to 10 Hz
  • Gate with threshold up to 0 dB for production purpose
  • Input Gain up to +18 dB
  • Lo Cut Filter : Flat, 75 Hz, 150 Hz, 300 Hz
  • 36 user presets
  • MIDI input: BOUM responds to CCs, Pgm Change, Note
  • Nice and simple user interface via 16 white LEDs
  • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Neutrik® jack connectors
  • Power supply included
  • Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 65mm
  • Frequency response : - 0.78 dBu@20Hz; + 0.69 dBu@20kHz
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    BOUM by OTO Machines
    BOUM is a full analog stereo warming unit, combining an easy-to-use compressor, a versatile distortion generator and a smooth low-pass filter.
    OTO Machines BOUM Analog Stereo Warming Processor Reviews