Old Blood Noise EndeavorsMAW Multieffect Processor


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors MAW

The MAW from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a multi-effect pedal designed for use with mic or instrument signals. It features saturation control and two selectable effects. The selectable effects include rotary, octave, flange, phaser, short delay, long delay and four reverb modes. The saturation control has level, tone, and blend. The two selectable effects each have mix control and two control knobs which change function based on the selected mode. Each of the effects are controlled by footswitch which have two modes. Tap the footswitches for latching mode or hold the switch down for the momentary mode. The input is a combo XLR-1/4" input, and there are instrument, XLR, and XLR dry outs. The Dry out is post-saturation but pre-effect, enabling countless options for signal mixing. There are two expression pedal inputs and send and return jacks for routing other effects into the signal path. Add otherworldly effects to your voice or add reverb to mic'd drums: the MAW offers a slew of great effects in one package.

MAW Features

  • Multi-effect pedal great for use with instruments or microphones
  • XLR preamp built in
  • Switchable saturation section with dedicated tone, volume, and blend
  • Two independent effects sections, each with algorithm selection and two per-algorithm controls
  • Integrated effects loop
  • Post-saturation dry direct output
  • TBD
  • 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
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