Noise EngineeringXer Mixa Mixer + Expando Expandi Bundle

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Noise Engineering Xer Mixa Bundle

With this pre-bundled set of Xer Mixa and Expando Expandi, Noise Engineering gives you everything you need to have exacting control over your in-rack modular mixes. Xer Mixa is a triumph in mixing workflows by Noise Engineering: a mixer with a fully analog signal path combined with premier digital control capabilities for a hybrid design unlike any other. Balancing immediate controls for level and muting with a number of other settings found in the menu, Xer Mixa is a configurable mixing solution unlike any other. All inputs are stereo, so panned sample material, ping-pong delays, and other expansive effects chains are maintained through the mixing stage.

With front panel level controls and mute switches, Xer Mixa puts the most useful controls at your immediate disposal, with everything else, such as auxiliary send levels, found in the menu settings. But suppose you did want to immediately control parameters like send level or panning—and perhaps with control voltage? Thankfully, this bundle includes the handy Expando Expandi module, which adds eight CV inputs to Xer Mixa. Set up to 32 mappings accordingly in the menu, and save your settings to one of Xer Mixa's scene slots to recall it in an instant. If that wasn't enough, Xer Mixa features MIDI I/O as well, meaning that external controllers and DAW automation can get in on the fun. With Xer Mixa and Expando Expandi, you can step up your mixing game with levels of control that you won't find anywhere else.

Xer Mixa Bundle Features

  • 10-channel stereo mixer with CV input expander
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Sophisticated digital control system
  • 8 stereo input channels with level controls
  • 2 auxilliary input channels
  • Mute switches on all channels
  • Channel selection buttons
  • Pan encoder
  • Per-channel pan law settings
  • Per-channel send levels and pre/post fader routing
  • Save settings in up to 7 different scene slots
  • Expando Expandi module adds 8 CV inputs
  • Up to 32 different CV mappings supported
  • Up to 2 expander modules supported
  • MIDI I/O for remote control and automation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 36hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 570mA @ +12V, 250mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Introducing Xer Mixa stereo mixer/stereo aux outs and Expando Expandi CV expander
Xer Mixa is a mixer with ten stereo-paired inputs (8 channels and 2 aux-ins), three stereo-paired output busses, tactile controls, and a 100% analog signal path with low noise and crosstalk, pristine sound quality, and ultra-high headroom. A built-in analog leveling amplifier is great for adding some punch to your mix. A digital control interface harnesses the true power of hybrid design, allowing for state save and recall, per-channel pan law and pre/post send settings, multichannel editing, and MIDI I/O.
Noise Engineering Xer Mixa Mixer + Expando Expandi Bundle Reviews