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Mystic Circuits Leaves

Leaves is a voltage sequencing expander designed to work with the Mystic Circuits Tree, and uses the Turing machine expander protocol so it can also work with other Turing machine devices. Eight sliders are used to sequence different levels of voltage to one of the four outputs, turning the Tree into the basis for an entire modular sequencing environment.

The first output has sliders 1–4 routed to it, the second output has 3–6 routed to it, the third output has 4–8, and the final output corresponds to all eight sliders—the silver lines on the front serve as a visual reference for this. Sliders can be set via a jumper to be 0–2V or 0–5V for multiple levels of fine-tuning for your modulation, and to prevent unusable high voltages when multiple steps are activated at once (especially useful if used with something like the Grayscale Permutation). Each slider has a detent in the center indicating 1 octave up, and a slider at max is 2 octaves up when used as a pitch CV signal. The CV inputs on the top transpose the corresponding outputs.

Using one Leaves is great, but the real fun comes when using two, three, or more to create complex modulations and sequences. You can have a Tree controlling as many Leaves as you'd like, with the expander slots being buffered to ensure accurate voltage no matter how many you daisy-chain together. Expand your mind and grow your Tree with Leaves from Mystic Circuits.

Leaves Features

  • Expander module for the Mystic Circuits Tree: does not work on its own
  • Uses Turing expander protocol and can be used with other modules such as the Grayscale Permutation
  • 8 Sliders
  • 4 Outputs with transpose inputs
  • Buffered expander slots for stable voltage with multiple units
  • Matching color LEDS to the Tree module
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current draw: Passive, gets power from main module
Product Demo Videos
Organic Synthesis with Trees and Leaves Featuring Eli of Mystic Circuits!
Our pal Eli from Mystic Circuits walks us through his voltage forest highlighting the functionality of his TREE and LEAVES modules!

Tree is an incredibly powerful bi-directional switch with the capability to expand it's functionality with multiple Leaves modules. The result is a versatile platform for controlling and routing voltage throughout an entire system.
Mystic Circuits Leaves Tree Expander Reviews