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MoogClaravox Centennial Theremin (Left-Handed)


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Note: this listing is a special order for a left-handed Moog Claravox Centennial theremin. For the standard right-handed version, please check out this page!

Moog Claravox Centennial

Lefties rejoice! Moog's incredible Claravox Centennial theremin comes in a left-handed version, available for special order. The Theremin's debut performance was in late 1920, and 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of this celebrated instrument. Named after the famous and influential savant of the theremin, Clara Rockmore, the Clavavox represents the pinnacle of modern theremin design. Updated with a ton of new features while retaining the spirit of classic designs, the Clavavox is perfect for players of all skill levels.

It operates in two modes, modern and traditional. Traditional mode retains the original feel of an analog theremin with a classic heterodyning analog oscillator. Modern mode adds DSP oscillators with a selection of waveforms, including wavetables. Plus, the pitch quantization with adjustable scales makes playing the theremin more accessible to everyone. Moog borrowed the filter and waveshaper from the legendary Etherwave Pro to unlock stellar sound-shaping possibilities.

Theremins and delays have long been a classic combination for all kinds of playing styles. Moog included one of their beloved BBD delay designs that sounds great and adds a new dimension to your playing. Control external CV and MIDI devices with the outputs, great for gestural control. On top of that, you can bring external CV or MIDI into the theremin with the respective inputs. Save and recall your favorite presets right on the front panel, or use the Clavavox Centennial software to access even more parameters.

Moog has a long history of theremin designs, with Bob Moog initially selling them before developing his groundbreaking modular synthesizer system. Now, Moog Music, Inc. have continued that tradition with a score of different theremin designs that stay relevant while retaining the essential design elements.

Note: the Claravox Centennial is sold separately from its dedicated stand. See this page to get the ideal stand for your Claravox Centennial.

Claravox Centennial Features

  • Hybrid theremin
  • Left-handed design
  • Traditional mode with classic heterodyning analog oscillator
  • Modern mode with DSP oscillators
  • Waveshaping and filter borrowed from Etherwave Pro theremin
  • Quantization and scale selection in modern mode
  • Adjustable scaling for volume and pitch
  • Analog BBD delay
  • Five-octave range in traditional, four to seven-octave range in modern mode
  • CV inputs and outputs
  • MIDI in/out/USB
  • Headphone output with volume control
  • Note: Stand not included with purchase (compatible with 5/8" thread mic stands or Moog's dedicated Claravox stand)
  • Audio: Main output, headphone output, tuner output on 1/4"
  • CV: Two inputs, two outputs on 1/4"
  • MIDI: In/Out/USB
  • Power supply included
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 23 x 12.25"/13.9 x 58.4 x 31.1cm
Moog Claravox Centennial Theremin (Left-Handed) Reviews