MoogClaravox Centennial Theremin (Right-Handed)


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Moog Claravox Centennial

One of the earliest electronic instruments, the theremin is celebrating its 100th anniversary—and now, Moog's Claravox Centennial, named after the virtuosic Clara Rockmore, takes the technology and brings it into the 21st century. Robert Moog got his start selling theremins, and they have long been a staple of the Moog line of products. The Claravox Centennial is a professional-grade instrument deserving of the Moog legacy, providing a perfect combination of classic and modern features.

Select between modern and traditional modes to get two different feels. The traditional mode offers the classic feel of a theremin with a analog heterodyning oscillators. The modern mode adds pitch quantization and DSP oscillators with a selection of waveforms and wavetables to the mix. Based on the classic Etherwave Pro circuitry, the waveshaping and filters provide a rich sound.

Change the response curve of both the pitch and volume antennas to tailor them to your playing style. An onboard BBD delay circuit adds a new dimension to your playing and is excellent for sweeping soundscapes. Connect to both CV and MIDI devices using the inputs and outputs located on the theremin's rear. Save and recall presets using the front panel storage and the Claravox Centennial software, which adds control over even more settings. Dive into the instrument that you play without touching it, which has captivated the imagination for 100 years.

Note: the Claravox Centennial is sold separately from its dedicated stand. See this page to get the ideal stand for your Claravox Centennial.

Claravox Centennial Features

  • Hybrid theremin
  • Traditional mode uses heterodyning analog oscillators
  • Modern mode features DSP oscillators with a selection of waveforms
  • Sound shaping circuitry from the Etherwave Pro with waveshaping and filtering
  • Pitch quantization and scale selection
  • Adjustable response curves for pitch and volume
  • Analog BBD delay
  • Save and recall presets
  • Five-octave range in traditional, four to seven-octave range in modern
  • CV inputs and outputs
  • MIDI in/out/USB
  • Headphone output with volume control
  • Note: Stand not included (compatible with 5/8" thread mic stands or Moog's dedicated Claravox stand)
  • Audio: Main output, headphone output, tuner output on 1/4"
  • CV: Two inputs, two outputs on 1/4"
  • MIDI: In/Out/USB
  • Power supply included
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 23 x 12.25"/13.9 x 58.4 x 31.1cm
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