Modbap ModularTrinity 3-Channel Digital Drum Synth Array


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Modbap Modular Trinity

Delivering the moving and grooving beats that Modbap Modular is all about, Trinity is a three-voice percussion module that employs a number of different flavors of drum synthesis for a wide range of sounds. Its three channels each support one of four different flavors of synthesis: Analog Inspired, Additive, FM, and Noise. This gives Trinity a distinct advantage as a drum sound design tool—any channel can be shaped into whatever you'd like it to be, and not strictly limited to traditional archetypes like kick, snare, or hat.

Once you've chosen your type of drum synthesis, Trinity provides you with plenty of ways to shape your sounds to your liking. With controls for Pitch, Sweep depth and Time, EQ, Volume, Clipper, Hold, Character, Grit, and Decay, plus voltage control over nearly all of these, Trinity's flexibility is more than apparent. But things get even more wild when considering the Cycle modes available on each channel. In Round Robin mode, parameter settings are retained while the channel cycles between drum algorithms on each trigger, while Random mode shuffles all parameters of the currently active mode. There are also Stack modes, which fans out two or three simultaneously triggered channels, inspired by the sounds of chopped drum breaks

Trinity also sports a flexible output mixing section, where each channel may be routed to individual outs, a full mix, or both—all at the flip of a switch. And for remote control, Trinity offers USB-MIDI for sequencing and parameter changes from a host sequencer or DAW. There are few truly holistic drum modules out there, but Trinity manages to pack a punch withou sacrificing any of the flexibility that makes modular synthesizers great.

Trinity Features

  • 3-channel drum module
  • Arbitrary sound assignment to channels
  • 4 drum algorithms: Analog Inspired, Additive, FM, and Noise
  • Abundant knobs and control inputs
  • Cycle modes for channel algorithms: Round Robin and Random
  • 2 and 3-part Stack modes with Stack Spread control
  • 3-way output routing for individual and mix outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
Modbap Modular Trinity 3-Channel Digital Drum Synth Array Reviews