Modbap ModularHue Audio Color Processor


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Modbap Modular Hue

Add the warm and fuzzy sound of lofi boombap to your Eurorack system with Modbap's Hue, a compact, five-effect module that adds texture, adjusts tone, and saturates to make your percussion, or anything, sound big and lush. Designed to mimic the process of recording a drum machine to cassette, pressing it to vinyl, then resampling the vinyl for further processing and degradation, Modbap's Hue gives you more control over how much grit, fuzz, and noise you want to add. The audio signal goes into a Drive, then passes to a low/high pass Filter, then to Tape Saturation, which goes into a LoFi effect, and finally gets processed through a compressor.

Filter gives you a simple low pass filter when you turn it CCW and a high pass when turned CW with no filtering at noon. The Drive can push you signal hard or give you a little grit and since it's pre-filter, you can further sculpt the sound. Drive's Shift+ function lets you adjust the tone of the drive. Tape gives you more saturation modeled after cassette warmth and with the Shift+, you can adjust the effect's intensity. LoFi reduced the bit depth and its Shift+ reduced the sample rate. Best of all, since it's Eurorack, everything is CV controllable. A Compressor trimmer is your all-in-one glue that wraps the entire signal together. Modbap has a clear vision for bringing the sounds they love into the Eurorack world and with Hue, you get warm tones with exceptionally musical sonic degradation.

Hue Features

  • Compact 5-effect module
  • Effects are: Drive, Filter, Tape, LoFi, Compressor
  • Filter is DJ-style low pass/high pass
  • Drive, Tape and LoFi feature alternate functions accessed with Shift button
  • One knob compressor for lofi squash sauce
  • CV control over Drive, Filter, Tape, and LoFi
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Trinity Drum Synth Array & Hue Audio Processor with Modbap Modular & BBoyTech
Modbap Modular, founded by Corry Banks, is a black owned eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer. Our instruments are made and designed in Southern California - USA. It is our goal and mission to develop fun, forward thinking, performance oriented instruments with the DJ and beatmaker’s perspective in mind.
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