Malekko Heavy IndustryVoltage Block Multi Sequencer

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Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block

Voltage Block from Malekko Heavy Industries is a complex eight-channel sequencer which is great for providing modulation and animation throughout your Eurorack system. It features eight independent 16-step sequencers. Each sequencer has one slider that controls its voltage level.

There are two ways to input note data. In the first mode, you can hold the button that corresponds to the step you want to edit and change the slider. The other way to create sequences is just moving the sliders while the sequence is running, which will record the position of the slider at each step. This makes it super quick and easy to get sequences going. Holding down a button repeats the selected step; if more than one step is selected, then the Voltage Block will cycle between those steps in the order they were pressed. The sequence length can be selected from one to 16 steps.

The output voltage ranges from 0–5V. Using the scale function, the individual channels can be quantized or remain unquantized. There are 16 available scales including Japanese, pentatonic, blues, locrian, and mixolydian. Playback modes include forward, reverse, pendulum, and random. The incoming clock signal can be divided up to 16 using the divide knob. In CV mode, the step currently active is selected by the incoming CV level, allowing for addressable sequencing, complex quantization tricks, and more. The incoming CV can be offset or attenuated using the corresponding knobs. In clock mode, the reset/hold input will reset the sequence to step one. In CV mode, the reset/hold button holds the sequence at the current step. Using the random function you can quickly randomize the settings of a channel, if you want to start from scratch, simply hit the clear button. On its own, the Voltage Block can store up to 16 sequences which can be accessed using the recall button. When used in conjunction with the Varigate 8+, up to 100 presets can be stored. The Varigate 8+ can also clock the Voltage Block using the busboard connection present in Eurorack power connections. The Voltage Block is an extremely powerful sequencer that is playable and expressive.

Voltage Block Features

  • Eight-channel sequencer
  • Up to 16 steps per channel
  • Save and recall up to 16 presets by itself
  • quantize the CV output per channel to one of 16 scales
  • Divide the incoming clock by up to 16 using the divide knob
  • Mute individual steps or channels
  • Glide per step
  • Playback modes include forward, reverse, pendulum, and random
  • Smooth enables glide between steps
  • Freeze will freeze all sequences at their current voltage value
  • Randomize with randomize all voltage for selected sequence
  • Can be linked to the Varigate 8+ for up to 100 presets
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 120mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Malekko Voltage Block Demo
Demonstration of the Malekko Voltage Block Sequencer module.
Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block Multi Sequencer Reviews